Meet Our Team

Nonprofit Center Staff

Tami Sterling

Director of Nonprofit Center

Tami manages the day-to-day operations of the Nonprofit Center, including creating and maintaining a menu of its services, managing staff, developing and implementing policies and procedures, working with organizations to reserve meeting and event space and assisting with event preparation and coordination.

(785) 599-4918

Dana Thompson

Associate Director of Nonprofit Center

Dana coordinates meetings and events at the Nonprofit Center, handling pre-event planning, onsite event management and logistical support, including audio-visual technology. She also plays a lead role in developing and cultivating relationships with organizations and agencies that use the Nonprofit Center.

(785) 329-2366

Maria Lopez

Event Manager

Maria handles day-to-day event management at the Nonprofit Center, including pre-event planning, onsite logistical management during events and post-event cleanup. She previously worked as a member of the Nonprofit Center event staff, assisting with onsite event management.

(785) 380-8585

Executive Team

Brandon Skidmore

President & CEO

Brandon oversees the operations and investments of Sunflower Foundation and its subsidiary, the Nonprofit Center. He works in partnership with the Sunflower Board of Trustees to provide leadership, vision and direction for the foundation and Nonprofit Center.

(785) 588-4912

Shanna Zimmer

Chief Financial Officer

Shanna oversees the financial, investment and business planning, as well as human resources, for Sunflower Foundation and its subsidiary, the Nonprofit Center. She manages the foundation's budget and ensures it is adhering to auditing and accounting policies.

(785) 588-4881

Support Staff

Gavin Hoskins

Facilities & Operations Manager

Gavin oversees the Nonprofit Center’s facilities and grounds, handling maintenance, general upkeep and site and building operations. He has nearly five decades worth of experience in commercial construction, including more than 30 years as a project superintendent.

(785) 588-4914

Brett Riggs

Director of Communications

Brett develops and implements the Nonprofit Center's communications and marketing strategies to inform and educate key audiences. He handles media and public relations, multimedia content creation, web management and social media.

(785) 588-4916